Grim Nora

and the Secret of the Skull

When Nora Youngblood’s father dies on her sixteenth birthday, it’s the end of everything she ever knew. But a new journey begins with a skull-shaped pocket watch – the last gift from her father, a professor of archaeology. Where did this mysterious trinket come from, and why would a warlock named Kabos now be hunting her for it?

Nora, now an orphan, finds protection under a wizard named Malachi, his handsome apprentice, Aidan, and a brother she never knew she had. As she learns the truth about her family’s mysterious past, Nora seeks to uncover the secret of the skull, which leads to both a powerful and dangerous weapon. With the fate of the skull in her hands, she’s lured into the hidden world of Dubhgail to combat the treacherous Kabos – who has kidnapped her brother. Can she sacrifice herself to save her brother and her friends?

In this fantasy novel, a teenage girl discovers her magical heritage and soon finds herself facing the might of an evil warlock in another world.

Grim Nora and the Sign of the Ouroboros

Grim Nora

and the Sign of the Ouroboros

Hunted down by Vincent Reznick’s henchman, Nora Youngblood is forced to flee the only home she’s ever known, while the life of Aidan, the boy she loves, hangs in the balance.

Nora and the wizard, Malachi, escape to Aeraileas seeking the help of the Ashwaken, a council of powerful wizards. But before she can complete their mission, Reznick tracks her down, and she finds herself thrust into a world she knows nothing about.

Throughout her journey there, Nora learns to be strong and face danger head-on. With newfound determination, she must find the next piece of the Morrigan, a powerful weapon, before Reznick can, and risk everything, including her life, to save Aidan, her friends, and the people of her world.

“I found this book to be very entertaining. There really were not any boring parts. You could almost see the action being played in your head. ”

“The author successfully grabs your attention and keeps it throughout with all the action, adventure, thrills and spills. Beautifully written, I greatly enjoyed this magical journey and grew to adore the main orphan character, Nora. She was extremely likable. You can tell that the author takes great inspiration from classic authors such as J.R.R Tolkien, but has a very unique style of her own. Definitely an author to watch out for and anyone who loves YA adventure fantasy with well developed characters, should read this. I believe older adults would equally enjoy this as well. ”

“This is a serious must read for anyone who is into fantasy especially YA fantasy!

The first thing that really impressed me was the characters, all of them were very well developed and very well written with their own style, my personal favorite character in this story was Nora though I must admit I had a hard time picking my favorite character they are all so good in their own way.

The story itself is well planned out and a good story always shows in the first part of the story, of course A. M. Albaugh did this perfectly! Throughout the whole story though I was gripped!

Conclusion, I highly enjoyed reading Grim Nora and the Secret of the Skull, I found it amazing, capturing and a stunning YA fantasy.”